Translator (5th PD Project)


An Idea of the App

When my brother went to Korea, he had told me how weird it was to use a Google translator to say what he needed to say. His pronunciations were off since he never watched any of those Korean dramas so to the locals, it was kinda awkward but understandable to hear a tourist like that.

It was pretty hard for him since he didn’t actually want to download any complicated applications (which was why he was using Google translate), but he couldn’t get the pronunciation down. That’s where I thought that I should make a simple translator application.

The application Simple Translator is where there are basic phrases and words in different languages. When pressed, the phrases will be pronounced in the respective language, as well as how the phrase looks like.

Existing Apps

Simple Translator‘ is well, like the name of the application says, is a simple translator application that fulfills the minimum requirement of what a typical translator application should do.

Pros : 

  • Has all of the languages installed, just like Google Translator
  • Simple to use such as only needing to enter the word that’s needed to be translated
  • Has implemented sharing of results and also text-to-speech

Cons :

  • Would be nicer if the UI has some colors in it


‘Easy Language Translator’ is a useful application that includes much more features that are beneficial to the user such as listing definitions and showing how the words look like in their respective languages.

Pros : 

  • Has implemented text-to-speech function
  • Users can record what they have said and translate it into text to be further translated into the respective language
  • Definitions of the words are listed
  • Add the translation to favorites. The user is also able to share the translation

Cons :

  • Needs internet connection, so it may not be useful if people do not purchase internet overseas
  • Some languages do not actually have speech/voices
  • Monochromatic UI color scheme, making the application less professional looking





The Created Application


I have to admit that creating this application was very simple – implementing custom list views, buttons and toasts. But one of the more tougher parts was actually finding a free Translate API to use, just like the one in Google Translate. I intended to implement a more complex feature but unfortunately, I was only most familiar with using API from Google and the other tutorials for other APIs are for the more other well-known APIs (most of them also stopped providing its service).

Even so, the application is very simple to use and it’s for the potential users who do not wish to over-complicate themselves with complex applications.  This covers the basics of simple conversing and breaking the language barriers.


Download Here


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