Entertainment Tracker (4th App)

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An Idea of the App 

Ever feel frustrated when you can’t remember which episode you stop at, after a few weeks of not watching that favourite show you have been following? Or there’s a chapter of a manga that you stopped at and you’ve forgotten which page you’re at? 

The application Entertainment Tracker will solve your issues. Like what the name of the application is, it tracks shows that you have watched/are watching, as well as comics and manga.

Personally speaking from experience, I have a lot of troubles keeping up with my anime. Halfway through a series I would be busy with school work that I wouldn’t have the time to watch, and when I finally have the time I tend to forget where I stopped at.

Existing Apps

‘TV Show Tracker’ is a semi-social media-ish kind of application that not only satisfies the basic necessities of a show tracker, but also has a in-built community for TV Show Tracker users to share their information.

Pros : 

  • Has a in-built community for users and show watchers to share their reviews and reactions of their shows
  • Articles and podcasts relating to the user’s preferred shows under the ‘Explore tab’ (e.g user frequents 13 Reasons Why, articles then displays articles relating to the show)
  • Displays the friends that also watches the show

Cons :

  • No function to record down where the user has stopped at
  • Advertisements, the user must be subscribed to use the application fully




‘Next Episode’ is a very detailed application that has a clean user interface, especially when it’s free.

Pros : 

  • Clean user interface
  • Recorded user data, ‘Stats’ (e.g how much time the user has spent watching the show)
  • Updates the user with trending and upcoming shows
  • Has a custom widget that can be placed on the home screen of the user’s phone which lists reminders of what episodes are out soon
  • Detailed description of shows, number of episodes, episode titles and their genres

Cons :

  • Buttons and links are close to each other, may cause users to accidentally tap on unintended buttons/links







The Created Application

Happy to say that this is one of my apps that’s almost error-free.  There were some changes that I had to implement, such as removing the search bar and the category tabs to categorise the entries because of time constraints.

The resources that I have used are listed here :

I used a part of FoodTracker’s code such as the RatingControl, Persistence and the UI.

I referenced the codes from this tutorial to create a Reminder function for the user.


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Download Here


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