Allowance App (3rd PD Project)

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An Idea of the App 

The application of an Allowance App allows students, or any other people to balance out their allowance. With this app, they can gauge their expenditure for a day, a week or a month.From my personal experience, I will sometimes forget what I needed to buy or how much money to set aside for the day and end up using more than I intend to.

What do you mean?

For example, I’m given $15 for the day. I’m supposed to buy a notebook that costs about $4, so I set aside $6 for food and $5 for transport. In the middle of the day, I may end up forgetting about the notebook and accidentally spend more on food (e.g eating out for dinner which uses the $4 that’s supposedly for the notebook). It may sound like a small issue, but of course it’s better to avoid such mistakes! This is where my application comes into play.

Generally speaking, many people face problems trying to balance out their allowance, usually overspending or keeping a bit too much at the end of the day (which usually ended up them having to spend lesser on food previously). Hopefully, this application will be able to help people calculate their expenditure.

Existing Apps 

‘Spending Tracker’ is a more detailed, complicated application that brings planning of expenditure to a whole new level. They even have statistics of how the money was divided for different things to spend on.

Pros : 

  • Graphical representation of expenditure to give users a better gauge and which to place more importance on
  • Much more categories to label each spending (Spending on Kids, Eating Out, Gifts, etc)
  • Keeps note of transactions

Cons :

  • No reminder to remind the user of how and what they need to spend on
  • Quite complicated to use, more catered to adults that usually have more things to spend on compared to students and children.


Another app that is similar is ‘Household account book’. It is based on a popular cartoon character Pisuke and Usagi, but the application itself is very useful as it keeps record of how much you have spent and even has an in-built calculator.

Pros : 

  • Cute and visually-pleasing UI and making use of mascots to attract younger demographics
  • In-built calculator
  • Pie charts to represent the data

Cons :

  • No reminder to remind the user



The Created Application

Even though it’s a simple application, students will not find much of a hassle to complicate themselves over unnecessary functions as this app provides calculation of some generic things that students spend on.

This application has a reminder (with the user’s permission) that will remind the user on how their money is to be spent every 2 hours. There is also a History tab that keeps track of the user’s entries, as well as the date that is inputted.

While I was developing the application, I learned a nice feature that would deem useful in the future – it was Data Persistence. Even though I learned this in the later lessons in my iPad Programming module, it gave me an easier time to go through the lesson. It also provided me a better understanding of Data Persistence and to further improve my application.

The resources that I have used are listed here :

I learned persistence from this to persist the history of the inputs


Download Here


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